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Published on March 10, 2019 | by Kirk Hiner

Do you watch the American Football Alliance? The upstart professional football league is now halfway through its inaugural season, leaving another five weeks before the playoffs. The AAF aims to provide fans with quality football during the NFL offseason, but there is also “… in part because it is at the forefront of innovation, a landscape of incomparable analysis, progressive algorithms, machine learning and artificial intelligence ”.

Does it sound like math? Baseball is the “math” sport, isn’t it? Maybe, but one of the most intriguing things I’ve seen in the first week of AAF’s action as an Alliance of American Football app promo. More than just a way to get scores and stats, the app allows users to spot trends in play calls, identify offensive / defensive lags, and predict the next play. Even cooler, games are presented by live avatars that move around the field like gamers do with near zero latency.

The Alliance’s built-in fantasy game will revolutionize the way you watch sports. The Alliance app offers real-time animation of each game coupled with in-depth preCast analytics and interactive features. As the action unfolds, you can watch the players regroup, form a formation, perform games, follow the movements of the players as they play, follow the ball, and watch the game result and score. of your prediction, providing fans with real-time data previously available only to team coaches.

Much better than watching little lines spread across a piece of land and reading the play a few minutes after it happened, right?

The problem is that the app was not compatible with tvOS at launch. With a recent update, however, the Alliance of American Football app is finally available for Apple TV. The app is free in the App Store, allowing fans to follow the action both on and off the market if they don’t have access to the NFL, CBS Sports Network, or B / R Live.

For more information on the American Football Alliance, visit aaf.com.

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