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Which Goalrilla football gear is the best?

Goalrilla supplies soccer gear for soccer teams across the United States, manufacturing some of the best quality soccer dummies that can last for many seasons. Soccer dummies are commonly used for soccer programs as you can use them to practice tackling, blocking, speed, agility, strength, hand striking and more. The equipment is so popular that it has become widely used in other sports, such as kickboxing, lacrosse and soccer. If you’re looking for lightweight Goalrilla football gear with reinforced handles, the Goalrilla Step Over Dummy is the best choice.

What to know before buying Goalrilla football equipment

Model type

There are many types of equipment used in soccer, but the main types that Goalrilla manufacturers are soccer dummies such as blocking, stepping and tackling dummies. The name of the dummies basically describes their use. So to block dummies, you can use it to block the impact of incoming players. Straddle dummies are typically used to practice speed, agility and footwork. Then tackling dummies are used to practice tackling safely. All of these types of dummies can be used together as each football position can find some type of use in these dummies.


Choosing the right type of Goalrilla football equipment will depend on the type of drills and the players involved. If you work with running backs, quarterbacks and other ball carriers, blocking dummies are some of the best equipment to use because ball carriers can practice contact running. You can use straddle dummies for all football positions as every player could benefit from practicing and improving their footwork. Those playing defense can make the most of dummy tackles to practice proper tackling form. Straddle dummies can still be useful for those who play different sports such as basketball and martial arts because you can practice footwork in indoor conditions. Blocking dummies are commonly used to practice striking in martial arts, so the equipment is very versatile.

What to look for in quality Goalrilla football gear

Reinforced handles

If Goalrilla football dummies have to endure constant impact during training, they will need handles that can withstand high-speed movement and friction. Goalrilla football equipment uses reinforced handles for its dummies, allowing you to hold the equipment easily, and you don’t have to worry about padding tearing off the handle when high impact is done with a dummy. The brace also allows for a quick change of direction for the gear, so you can have the closest experience to simulating real game situations.

Weather resistance

Goalrilla football gear uses outer shells that are resistant to weather conditions such as direct sunlight, wet conditions and windy occasions. Football mannequins dry out quickly after being exposed to moisture, and the equipment will not lose its effectiveness when used in humid environments.

Multi-sport use

Even though they are named football dummies and may be named after a certain football activity like tackling, you can use Goalrilla football equipment for many sports whether contact or non-contact. Blocking dummies are used in martial arts such as Tae Kwon Do, boxing, karate and Muay Thai. These martial styles can use the dummies to practice striking and protecting against blows.

How much you can expect to spend on Goalrilla football gear

Goalrilla football gear can cost between $60 and $130, depending on the type of dummy you want. Small blocking dummies can cost around $60, while larger dummies, such as tackles and step-over dummies, will cost around $130.

Goalrilla Football Equipment FAQs

Do soccer dummies tear easily?

A. As long as you get good quality football mannequins, they will last for years before tears start to appear. Brands such as Goalrilla have reinforced seams and thick outer and inner material which makes it very hard to tear. The only time a football dummy could tear easily would be if it was pierced by a sharp object like a knife.

Can I store football mannequins outside?

A. Many soccer dummies have an outer shell that allows them to be stored outside, and the thick interior material helps keep the gear from shrivelling in cold weather. However, if you want more longevity in football gear, it’s best to store it in indoor spaces such as a storage room or a small shed.

What is the best Goalrilla football gear to buy?

Best Goalrilla Football Equipment

Goalrilla Step Over Dummy

What do you want to know: Master footwork with the straddle dummy and use it for various sports.

What you will love: Reinforced handles allow you to easily carry the mannequin, and it will not tear when holding during exercises. High density foam absorbs more force than other competitors.

What you should consider: There are no alarming worries with this equipment.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

Best Goalrilla football gear for the money

Goalrilla Football Blocking Dummy

Goalrilla Football Blocking Dummy

What do you want to know: For lighter exercises and lighter dummy, this blocking dummy is very easy to hold and change direction with for exercises.

What you will love: The double stitching used in the pads ensures that the pad does not tear after frequent use. These pads are perfect for running backs who practice carrying the ball or other athletes such as kickboxers who want to practice hitting.

What you should consider: It is not the best equipment for practicing tackle.

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Worth checking out

Goalrilla Durable Tackle Dummy

Goalrilla Durable Tackle Dummy

What do you want to know: Arguably the closest thing you’ll find to tackling a living person, these tackle dummies are extremely thick so they can absorb high impact without injuring the athlete.

What you will love: The sturdy base allows players to bend down and practice a proper tackle. The weather-resistant outer layer makes riding in the rain and other wet conditions less difficult.

What you should consider: It may be more difficult to transport than other dummies, especially for younger players.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

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