Durban hosts leading figures from the global football industry

  • 1,200 attendees and decision makers from around the world will debate and shape the future of the industry around the most popular sport. Representatives from SAFA, CAF, Premier Soccer League, LaLiga, Meta, Hudl, Turkish Airlines, Microsoft and other major football brands and clubs will meet at a two-day event days full of action and networking opportunities.
  • More than 80 speakers will take part in more than 24 panels, giving attendees a 360º view of all football activity. Detailed discussions on the future of African football, the FIFA World Cup, performance, web3 in sport, investment trends, fan engagement, sustainability and development, and everything in between will take place over 2 live stages.

The World Football Summit will celebrate the first ever WFS Africa and let’s go for all systems. The exceptional event will take place at the International Conference Center (ICC) in Durban on 16 and 17 November 2022.

More than 1,200 football stakeholders will gather at the epicenter of the global sports business ecosystem to discuss different ways to grow African football.

This hybrid and historic event promises to shape the future of the African football industry.

Almost two years after the event originally scheduled for March 2020 was canceled when the world was hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Global Football Summit returns to make WFS Africa a reality:

  • When: November 16-17, 2022
  • Where: The ICC, Durban
  • Doors open at 9:00 a.m.

Over the course of two full days, attendees will have the opportunity to network and engage with every panel and guest through the official World Football Summit app and accelerate opportunities that would normally take years to materialize.

Watch the official event trailer HERE

Ms. Nomusa Dube-Ncube, Prime Minister of Kwazulu-Natal, who is a strong supporter of the event, explained the economic impact it can have in the region:

“Hosting the first ever WFS Africa helps us to be at the center of the football industry for two days and to host some of the brightest minds in the world of sport benefits our region on many fronts: it creates awareness globally and attracts tourism. , which creates substantial economic impact in the form of new opportunities for local and African businesses and employment.

In addition, there is a transfer of knowledge from the experts to our associates, which helps us cultivate talent and expose our youngsters to the international community of football leaders.

After successfully hosting WFS Europe in Seville on September 28-29, making it one of the organization’s most important events, the focus is now on meeting expectations for the African edition. . Ms Amanda Mapena, MEC for Sport, Arts and Culture in KwaZulu-Natal, summed up this feeling when she attended the opening ceremony of WFS Europe.

“Africa has some of the best football talent on the planet. Now we want to develop the next generation of football professionals and football as an industry.

For 48 hours, more than 80 changemakers will share their knowledge and expertise on the live stage, providing a 360º view of the present and the future of football, covering the topics most relevant to the industry, including the latest trends around web3, the FIFA World Cup, the consolidation of women’s football, sustainability or how to connect with the sports fan of tomorrow.

Some of the biggest names in world football who will be part of the event include:

  • Dr. Danny Jordaan – President of SAFA
  • Desiree Ellis – Reigning CAF Women’s Coach of the Year and SA Senior Women’s National Coach
  • Lola Ogunbote – Head of Women’s Football at Burnley FC
  • Brenda Kunda – Director at Bresmar Investment Ltd
  • Marcos Pelegrin – General Manager LaLiga Africa

They and all the other speakers, details of which can be found on the official World Football Summit webpage, will offer timeless insights and wisdom that will help Africa become a global football hub.

Dr Danny Jordaan, President of the South African Football Association (SAFA) and the man behind the first World Cup in Africa in 2010, had this to say about the opportunities WFS Africa can create for industry:

“We want Africa to convert its potential into reality, but that can only happen if the continent harnesses and implements the business ideas of the rest of the world and WFS provides such opportunities. In terms of talent, Africa has shown that it is among the best, but unless you transform your economic model, the continent will continue to catch up with the rest of the world.

“We need to enter the world of digitalization, technology, integration and commercialization. These are all catalysts for the massive growth of the game.

To start creating these opportunities, leaders and key decision makers from some of the biggest brands in football such as SAFA, CAF, Premier Soccer League, LaLiga, Meta, Hudl or Turkish Airlines will be providing their support to make this event finally happen. a reality.

As Global Football Summit Director and Co-Founder Marian Otamendi said:

“The entire WFS team is incredibly thrilled to finally have the opportunity to bring our flagship event to Africa. After having to cancel the event in 2020, the support and efforts of all government and sports institutions in the region have been incredible, and we are sure that WFS Africa will be worth it.

Likewise, Jan Alessie showed his appreciation and enthusiasm for finally being able to organize the flagship event of the World Football Summit in the region:

“In March 2020, it broke our hearts to cancel WFS Africa just as it was about to take place, but now we have come out of it stronger, and we are delighted to finally announce to all the African football and sports industry that… WE ARE BACK!

We are confident that this summit will be the first in a long series and will play a vital role in shaping the future of football in the region.

Special thanks to all the Prime Minister of KwaZulu-Natal, Ms. Nomusa Dube-Ncube, and Mr. Danny Jordaan, recently re-elected SAFA President, for their great support in helping us see WFS Africa come to fruition.

All in all, WFS Africa promises to be an unforgettable event and those who wish to attend are always on time to do so by visiting


The World Football Summit is where key football industry stakeholders meet to shape the future of the beautiful game. Our platform has evolved from an annual gathering held in Madrid, focused on the European market , to a growing series of events that cover the challenges and opportunities of different regions and sectors of this burgeoning industry. WFS is powered by a global community of influential professionals who share a unique passion for sports business and a mission to spark discussion, share knowledge and drive innovation to advance the game and the industry.


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