ESPN’s Fantasy Football app is now called “Fantasy Sports” and includes baseball, basketball and hockey



Pretty much every media company that has a little finger dipped into the sports pool wants a little bit of this fantastic and lucrative market, and since ESPN is (allegedly) nothing but sports, you can bet they do. ‘derive from it. Previously, the Disney affiliate published fantastic apps dedicated to both soccer (it’s the American kind with the big guys in armor, not the other kind with the little guys in shorts) and baseball, but now they’re bundled together in one app, and basketball and hockey can come with us.

The new list for the more generic “ESPN Fantasy Sports” reuses the one that was once dedicated to football, so baseball fans can probably forget about the other list. Or at least they could, if it wasn’t August and the baseball season wasn’t already skyrocketing towards the playoffs in late September or early October. So yeah, I guess the point was to get the app ready while all those NFL fans were waiting for the preseason to start. (A week late. You idiots.)


Along with the addition of three new sports, the app benefits from a redesigned user interface, a new draft system, and “improved video playback and social sharing.” It looks more or less like any other fantastic app, but the latest Play Store reviews say the new interface is confusing and broke the draft. So not a good start.


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