FAW U-turn on Cymru Football app backing up fears


PROFILES of children under 16 on the Football Association of Wales (FAW) app will be hidden by default, it has been announced.

Last week the Argus parents reported to Gwent were concerned that their children’s names, ages and location would be visible to anyone who could see them on the Cymru Football app.

At the time, a FAW spokesperson defended its app’s security settings, saying that beyond basic information, app users can choose not to make many features of the app visible. identification for others.

But now, in a U-turn, the FAW has emailed parents and guardians, revealing that the app’s default settings have now been changed.

All data relating to children and young people under the age of 16 will be hidden, including on team sheets.

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Previously, a child’s name, age and location were visible on the app by default, which drew criticism.

Talk to Argus On condition of anonymity, a concerned parent said: “It shows the names of the players, their ages, their clubs and where they might play on any given day.

“I am concerned because it reveals information about vulnerable children – children subject to court orders, children placed by the Home Office, the privacy settings are not good enough.”

Concerns have been raised with Monmouth MP David Davies who said Argus earlier this week that he wrote to the FAW to share concerns he had heard from his constituents.

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How did the FAW respond?

In an email sent to parents on Friday August 6, it was revealed that as of today, all under 16 information has been removed from the app.

Parents have the option to change this and can add their children to the app – but although this was an automatic feature beforehand, this can now only be done by emailing the FAW direct to [email protected] – with full name, current club, COMET ID and date of birth.

The FAW confirmed the latest change to the Cymru Football app‘s privacy settings, but declined to comment further.


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