Here is the value of insurance coverage in the football industry



It is quite a challenge for many people to immediately grasp the value of insurance coverage.

However, it is vital that football and its leisure centers are protected by adequate insurance. Insurance education has not been taken seriously by the sports industry in Uganda, with the exception of some football clubs. Insurance policies are designed to cover amateur and professional players, football industry groups and associations.

Modern football involves players who travel locally and internationally. It is important that sports organizations are aware of the potential financial problems they face and how they can use different tactics to reduce these risks.

Football has many challenges with accidents taking a major part. Fortunately, there is a change in Ugandan football following the renewal of the partnership between Fufa and National Insurance Corporation (NIC) last Thursday.

The deal also covers a back-up generator which will be handed over to Fufa and Shs 10m for the annual awards. Uganda Cranes is also still covered by the new agreement. The journey that started in 2008 with Uganda Cranes has now extended to the insurance coverage of Fufa Juniors League players for the next four years. It has been a remarkable journey.

I know how hard club owners go to find funding to fund each season’s budgets, especially with contingencies like injuries. There had been screams from the coaches of various clubs when the FUFA Drum debuted last year. The choice of players allowed in the tournament has left many coaches unsettled with fears of possible injuries. It is not now.

In football today, even the innocent actions of a coach, team doctor, official or player can spell disaster. In the blink of an eye, a serious accident could occur, leaving the victim facing paralysis or life-long confinement and possibly leading to financial ruin, especially if football is their livelihood and their only source of income.

We have seen teams lose players in accidents while traveling to tournaments across the country. It could be a major loss to their family, their club, the football or maybe an organization and the country. Some football institutions have lost millions of shillings for lack of adequate protection of their players, officials, property such as grounds, buildings and equipment.

Players are very important in football as they draw crowds to stadiums, but there is also a level of danger in the game as there is often a high level of physical activity hence the risk that someone one is injured or seriously injured.

Some players and officials of the national team, including former captains of the Cranes Geoffrey Massa and Andy Mwesigwa, Halid Lwaliwa, Bernard Muwanga, OKot Denis Oola, Ceasar Okhuti, Farouk Miya, Francis Olaki, Joseph Nsubuga and Frank Kalanda as well as the trainer Fred Kajoba, having benefited from NIC insurance coverage with Fufa. The Fufa house in Mengo was maliciously damaged by Godfrey Walusimbi and his group in 2016. Insurance coverage authorized claims submitted by the federation.

Insurance is not a matter of how much an individual or business has in the coffers.

Breakdown of the NIC agreement

The new agreement covers all players, coaching staff and the team’s doctor against death and permanent disability injuries sustained during official engagements.

  • Uganda Cranes Shs 660m
  • Fufa Juniors League Shs 800m
  • The Drum Fufa Shs 960m
  • Price Fufa Shs 10m
  • A generator worth $ 18,000

It’s Our Game, It’s Our Country.

The author is spokesperson for Fufa.



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