Here’s how to unlock Facebook Messenger’s football app and run for the UEFA Euro 2016 Cup


It looks like Facebook is doing everything in its power to persuade people to switch to its Messenger platform. The latest trick up Facebook Messenger’s sleeve is a hidden football (soccer) game. The launch of the game coincides perfectly with the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) Euro 2016 competition and the centenary of the Copa America tournament.

Unlike the basketball mini-game launched in March, which required you to swipe the screen to put the ball in the basket, the soccer mini-game requires you to repeatedly tap the soccer ball at the screen to keep it aloft. The more you hit the ball (without letting it fall to the ground), the more your score increases. Once the ball hits the ground, your game is over. Since I suck at these types of tapping games, my best score was a miserable 7, and repeated attempts to improve that score ended in failure.

Accessing the soccer mini-game is incredibly simple. First you need to make sure you’re using the latest version of Facebook Messenger, then select a contact (or start a group chat). Choose the football emoji and press send. Once you’ve sent the emoji, click on the soccer ball to start the game and test your Keepie Uppie skills.

If you are looking for additional games to play in Facebook Messenger, there is the aforementioned basketball game and a chess game that can be activated. The basketball game is unlocked by following the same steps as described above for the football game, but you will need to send a basketball emoji instead. The chess game can be accessed by typing “@fbchess play” in a Facebook Messenger conversation.

The football game is only available to those using the Facebook Messenger mobile app, and is not available for desktop or mobile web users. In fact, Facebook recently issued an eviction notice for Messenger users who still cling to the mobile web version of the service.


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