Iowa Black Friday Game broke BTN scoring record


The intensity and excitement surrounding Iowa Hawkeye football is near all-time highs this year, with their trip to Indianapolis looming for a Big Ten Championship showdown against Michigan this Saturday night.

Once upon a time this season, there was national championship speculation for the Hawkeyes, who were once ranked No. 2 in the nation. They then lost two games, their only two losses so far, before rebounding to face Illinois before “the big one.” The annual Black Friday Heroes Game against Nebraska. Between the ongoing speculation about the fate of the Iowa Bowl over a hugely successful season and the heat in the opposing coach’s hot seat, one would have thought the game would appear on a bigger network like FOX or , as it has done in previous years, ABC.

The Big Ten Network is not complaining, however, because as KCRG reports, the event was the highest rated football game in network history. To 1.94 million viewers, according to Nielsen Media Research. The runner-up was a unique Michigan-Colorado match in 2016 that had 1.86 million viewers.

The match took place in Lincoln, but the participation from Hawkeye fans was huge. Most of us were supporting the team at home, glued to our seats or jumping out of them to celebrate exciting games, otherwise regularly questioning calls from officials and heckling poor helpless Nebraska coach Scott Frost. Pre-game coverage on BTN even set a record with 659,000 viewers. It was a B1G game in more than one way, one that was a lousy win at times for the Hawks. They have a big chance to make another statement and win the Big 10 title on Saturday night, with the kickoff at 7:17 p.m. on FOX.

Afterwards, it’s bowl season. The playoff talks may have gone down the drain, but there is great hope the Hawks can head to another place they and we all love, Pasadena. Download our free mobile app now and you can be among the first to know on Sunday about an exciting Rose Bowl travel package opportunity, if that is the destination.

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Go hawks!

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