Maltese fantasy football app occupies a niche in the market



Poang, a Maltese startup fantasy football app for game development, has gone live.

The app is a one-of-a-kind hybrid between traditional fantasy football throughout the season and football manager role-playing games. Available on iOS, Android, Facebook, and online, it delivers an immersive gaming experience never before seen in classic fantasy soccer games.

Poang fantasy football allows users to build fantastic teams and earn points through real-time performance from players from Europe’s top leagues – England, Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Portugal and the Netherlands – in addition to the Champions League and the Europa League.

Using Poang Fantasy Football’s high score and moving average system, users can enter at any time of the season without affecting their chances of success. Users can challenge their friends face to face and share their success on social media.

Other features include the ability to upgrade facilities, such as Scout Team (more transfers per turn), Medical Team (more challenges per turn), and Stadium (more money per turn in based on actual stadium attendance in the real world) to increase the chances of users creating the best possible team.

Users are responsible for both the team and the company. Users accumulate as many coins and Poang dollars as they can to become one of the best football coaches.

We hope users enjoy playing it as much as we enjoyed playing it.

Poang was co-founded in 2015 by Luca Amato, Patrick Camilleri and Steve Zammit Briffa. In 2016, Poang entered into a joint venture with Harvest, the tech division of Hili Ventures, giving the startup the funding it needed to seriously pursue game development.

All three directors left their full-time careers in law and technology to focus on Poang earlier this year. The Poang team is now based at Nineteen Twenty-Three, the Hili Ventures head office in Marsa.

Poang Fantasy Football is now available on iOS, Android, Facebook and online.

“We are delighted to see Poang’s fantasy football go live and register its first users. Even the preparation for the outing was exciting! Amato, Camilleri and Zammit Briffa said. “We looked at the fantasy football operators in the market and identified a gap, so we set out to develop a fantasy football experience that is as immersive, personal and engaging as possible. Poang fantasy football is the result of thousands of hours of development and we hope users enjoy playing it as much as we enjoyed creating it!

Poang, which means point or score in Swedish, is currently working on other titles to follow Poang fantasy football, which is now available on iOS, Android, Facebook and online.

Harvest Technology is a group of technology activities brought together by design to create a critical mass of management expertise, technological prowess and operational excellence. Its team includes more than 100 professionals in technology, sales and project management.

By partnering with a range of premier brands, the Harvest companies deliver innovative and superior technologies to customers in a myriad of industries, including banking, aviation, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, state agencies, online gaming, retail and hospitality. Its main areas of intervention include business integration, enterprise-wide solutions, contract outsourcing, bespoke payment solutions, automation and business intelligence tools, merchant services, software development and physical security systems.

Hili Ventures is engaged in multi-site activities in partnership with McDonald’s and Apple, logistics, engineering, technology and real estate in 10 countries in Europe and North Africa.

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