Reset Button to Tackle $1.6 Billion Student Loan Debt Crisis Through Bankruptcy


NEW YORK, February 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Reset button– a one-of-a-kind tech company – launched today to eliminate student debt through bankruptcy and give an entire generation a fresh start. Reset aims to help the 99.9% of people who were misled into excluding student debt from their bankruptcy filings.

Founded by Y Combinator alumni and industry leaders with expertise in technology, bankruptcy law and student loan litigation, Reset Button dispels the myth that student loan debt cannot be canceled in the event of bankruptcy. Over the past five years, more than one million student debtors have filed for bankruptcy. Of these, however, 99.9% did not include their student loans on their returns. This misstep left individuals on the hook for billions of dollars in education debt that could have been discharged in bankruptcy. Reset Button aims to solve this problem by connecting consumers with qualified legal experts and streamlining the administrative process required to obtain a student loan release.

“Student lenders and bankruptcy attorneys have been giving borrowers false information for years about canceling student loans in bankruptcy. The truth is, borrowers can include student loan debts in bankruptcy and have them canceled “said the CEO and co-founder of Reset Button. Rob Hunter. “Reset Button is helping a generation crippled by massive student debt get the fresh start they need for a better financial future.”

According to a recent Federal Reserve studyAmericans – mainly the middle class – wear $1.6T of student loan debt. Trapped by impossible payments and skyrocketing interest rates, this debt contributes to poor credit scores and lower homeownership rates. African Americans are disproportionately affected by student debt, with 38% black students default on their student loans.

“For years I barely survived,” said Laura, who was told it was impossible to include her student loans in the bankruptcy until she found one of the affiliate attorneys. to Reset to help pay off his debt. “I can’t imagine what it would have been like to have the reset button right from the start – how much quicker I could have gotten my life back on track.”

For consumers, Reset Button quickly assesses a debtor’s financial situation and offers data on how their case compares to other consumers who have succeeded or failed to settle their student debt through the bankruptcy. Reset Button’s network of preferred attorneys offers affordable monthly payment plans at a fixed price, if bankruptcy is the right way to go. If a lawyer is unable to eliminate a significant portion of the consumer’s debt, the consumer pays nothing.

Reset Button is launching its free debt analysis tool nationwide and can help consumers around the world. They will introduce consumers to resources specific to each individual situation, including bankruptcy, if applicable. Reset Button is constantly growing its Canada-wide network of preferred attorneys with experience in eliminating student debt in bankruptcy.

“The misconception that student loans cannot be canceled in bankruptcy harms millions of Americans,” said Kara Bruceprofessor of law at University of Toledo. “It’s important to educate debtors about what’s possible, but it’s critical to educate and equip bankruptcy attorneys, who must be prepared to fight for their clients and move the law forward.”

For lawyers, Reset Button is an “out-of-the-box business” that provides lawyers with a pool of pre-qualified clients and eliminates paperwork and pre-legal paperwork, saving lawyers time they can use to focus on client representation. Lawyers are paid a flat fee up front, guaranteeing payment regardless of the outcome of the case.

“Working with the reset button is an effective way for me to help as many people as possible get their financial lives back on track through debt elimination,” said Christie Arkovitcha Florida attorney with years of experience in bankruptcy and student loan litigation.

To learn more about the reset button, visit www.resetbutton.comand see here to view and download B-roll sequences.

ABOUT THE RESET BUTTON: Reset Button is the first tech company to help eliminate student debt through bankruptcy and give an entire generation a fresh start for a low, fixed fee. Co-founded by Y-Combinator alumni and industry leaders with expertise in technology, bankruptcy law, and student loan litigation, it’s a one-stop shop that educates the public on how he can include student debt in bankruptcy and offers borrowers a fresh financial start through quick and easy debt analysis, consultation and elimination alongside the best legal experts in the field. Early Reset Button investors include Craft businesses, Slow businessesand Jeff Morris Jr. of Lambda School. To learn more about the reset button, visit www.resetbutton.comand see here to view and download B-roll sequences.

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