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Another shipping container will be added to the Little Mountain grounds, this one to store football equipment.

Selina Metcalfe, president of the Shuswap Minor Football Association (SMFA), has written to council asking for permission to place an additional 20ft shipping container type storage unit near the fields.

“For the past several years, we’ve used a locker room in the Little Mountain Field House as a storage space for this equipment. The city knew we were using this space, but I don’t believe there was a formal agreement. of use in place. In addition to the soccer, we have been advised that the locker rooms will be converted into space available for user groups when reserving the courts. We must remove all our items before April 1st”, a- she declared.

Metcalfe wrote that unlike other youth sports, the SMFA provides all personal protective equipment on loan to its young athletes. That means he has a large and growing collection of helmets, shoulder pads, hip pads, and chaps, as well as med kits and uniforms.

She said the storage container would give the association time to come up with an alternative plan.

“We are flexible on locations, but we believe that next to our current container in the upper parking lot, or inside the fence on the concrete slab near the stock container, would be the least disruptive to the circulation and user groups.”

At its Feb. 28 meeting, council approved an additional sea tank at Little Mountain that will be located on the paved pad near the Lacrosse Sea Tank, which the city installed a few years ago.

The city’s director of engineering and public works, Rob Niewenhuisen, said it will be in place as part of the city’s standard three-year agreement.

“In the future, the city would like to construct a storage building that could be rented out to user groups,” Niewenhuisen said, so the city can get rid of marine canisters.

“We have money in reserve for this project, but not enough. There may be an opportunity for user groups (soccer, football, lacrosse, etc.) to contribute to this future project.

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