Shooting at Hudson Valley, New York football game


Shots rang out during the Newburgh-Warwick football match. The evening of youth. Several people would be injured.

On Friday September 30, fans heard gunshots at or near the end of a football match between Newburgh and Warwick at the Newburgh Free Academy.

Filming during the Newburgh football match, Warwick

Getty Stock / Think Stock

Getty Stock / Think Stock

A witness at the scene tells the Hudson Valley Post that everyone started running when gunshots were heard. People began to flee the scene, pushing others to safety. The shooting reportedly took place in or near the NFA parking lot.

The game was meant to be a celebration of youth. With many young children on the pitch and in the stands for the youth football evening.

“Youth Football Night tonight as we take on the unbeaten Warwick! The game starts at 7pm… Round up the squad!!” Newburgh Football wrote on Facebook on Friday morning.

Shooting confirmed in Newburgh, Orange County, New York High School

Just before 11 p.m. Friday, the Greater Newburgh City School District confirmed the shooting. Release of the following statement:

Tonight there was a shooting on the grounds of one of our high school campuses, outside the security perimeter of an ongoing event. We are grateful for the prompt and thorough response from our local law enforcement and security personnel. At this time, the information we can provide is limited pending a full investigation. Our Critical Stress Management (CISM) team is preparing to help students and families who may need support during this time. More precise information will be provided soon.

School officials insist anyone with information should contact the Newburgh City Police Department.

“We urge anyone with information about tonight’s incident to contact the City of Newburgh Detectives Division at 845-569-7509. Callers can remain anonymous,” the Newburgh Enlarged City School District said. .

Multiple shooting casualties reported

A witness told the Hudson Valley Post that several people were shot. Reports on social media indicate that a number of victims have been sent to St. Luke’s Hospital.

The Newburgh City Police Department told the Hudson Valley Post it could not comment on “the active investigation,” confirming a police presence at the high school in Newburgh, New York.

5-year-old shot dead on bicycle in Newburgh, New York Man killed

Video Rock Land

Video Rock Land

The shooting happened about 24 hours after a Hudson Valley father and a 5-year-old child died while riding their bicycles.

On Thursday, September 29, at approximately 7:07 p.m., City of Newburgh officers on patrol heard gunfire in the Washington Street and Clark Street area of ​​the City of Newburgh.

Arriving officers found two victims with gunshot wounds.

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“It is heartbreaking to see the innocent face of this child lying on a hospital bed, crying in pain. As a community, we must take a stand against gun violence and demand that we end the trauma that continues to be inflicted on our children, our youth, and our city,” Gomerez said.

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