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The BBC screened a televised match between Arsenal’s first team and their reserves at Highbury in 1937. It was the first match in history to be broadcast, and it is credited with starting the modern era of journalism. football as we know it.

One such source of up-to-date football information is Swiftscores. It is owned by Swiftspeed, also known as Ssu Technology Limited, a software development company based in London, UK. They offer a number of mobile apps including Swiftspeed Appcreator, SwiftspeedShare, and Swiftscores which is their newest company.

Their mobile app, which was recently announcement on Twitter by CEO of Ssu-Technology Limited, Akinola Abdulakeem, is accessible on iOS and Android, offers a fascinating look at how football scores and background information work together to communicate relevant content. On the one hand, it offers a menu with a panel that allows you to see all the top European leagues and how their results went that day.

The app’s own social network, the “joke” function, allows football fans to create a personal account and chat with each other, mainly before and after matches. It is an intriguing attempt to create a welcoming community around football in an atmosphere dedicated solely to sport.

However, this is not the most interesting part. A Livestream service that sends streaming resources to users where and when they can watch a match live via email. A really useful gadget, especially for die-hard fans who are frequently on the road and don’t have easy access to a TV. They also have a dedicated section that shows match highlights for fans who missed the match earlier.

The Swiftscores news website, however, is the brand’s most intriguing aspect. takes news reporting to a new level of creativity in every sense of the word. Reading their news and editorials, I noticed that editors tended to cover a wide range of clubs quite objectively.

Guest writers can submit their articles through a “submit news” section, which increases the site’s versatility to a new level that is rare in soccer-related content. This is what really sets it apart from most other media.

While their reporting is always short and to the point, their editorials contain a lot of detail, as well as a wide range of visual representations throughout their written content. Most of the time it seems to be pretty opinionated, but it seems to provide objective analysis most of the time.

A brief glance at their content reveals an assertive writing style, with mostly confident and detailed pieces that break down even the most difficult narratives for a larger audience to understand. Further research using Google Trend revealed that these audiences are primarily from West Africa and the UK. A quick Twitter search shows how popular he has become among young football fans in general and how much is being talked about on social media.

A glance at the Swiftscores Twitter account will tell you everything you need to know. The sheer number of people talking about and engaging with it speaks volumes about its notoriety, and it seems to serve as the central hub of the app for the general public.

Football is constantly evolving and Swiftscores is bridging the gap between delivering critical football information on a daily basis while making content more accessible to a wider audience.



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