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The unbeatable G2 Gozen, the consensus best female VALORANT team in EMEA, and perhaps the most advanced team in the world, have earned the first of eight spots in the one-year VCT Game Changers Champions 2022.

G2 Gozen claimed victory today in the first quarters of the third EMEA Game Changers Series. By gaining their knowledge, the two EMEA spots were amassed. Three teams representing the region will win the Game Changers World Championship and the team that accumulates the most points during the year. Even if G2 Gozen does not win Series 3, they will qualify with the points earned after finishing in first place in Series 1.

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G2Esports (@G2esports) September 29-28, 2022

The whole feat makes for a perfect feat for the ladies of G2 Gozen who haven’t lost their best of three games all year and, since its fall debut in October 2021, only one winning streak. The international roster maintains the first signed trio of ladies juliano, Petra and Mimi, three of the greatest CS:GO players with a decade of competitive experience each. G2 flanked the trio of this legend Glance and Mary earlier this year.

Game Changer Champions takes place in November and features eight of the best female VALORANT teams from around the world. Fans of the series are eagerly awaiting a potential meeting between Gozen and White. Both teams had almost exactly mirrored regional dominance in EMEA and NA. After G2 Gozen, the C9 White won the first two regional series this year in NA. Under no circumstances is a place at the GW Games always possible.

G2 Gozen would be able to complete the EMEA trifecta before heading to Berlin in November. Their next match in ACEM Series 3 is already at 11 a.m. CT.


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