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It happened last week. You had Maurice Jones-Drew on your fantasy football team and he suffered what could be a season-ending injury. Of course, after the game you can have someone else, but not during.

Unless you use Topps’ Huddle.

Then maybe you could trade the MJD in real time for the Titans’ Chris Johnson, who was playing a great game on Sunday.

Huddle is an application for iPhone and iPod touch released today. It’s officially licensed by the NFL and Topps says the real-time feature is something you can’t get while playing regular fantasy football.

Once downloaded, the app begins with recording. User is strongly suggested to register through Facebook or Twitter in order to maximize the social aspect of the game i.e. to interact while playing with those you know through social media.

Your initial team selection is random, as you choose between three decks of cards for your first group of players. Each deck has 11, and you can play seven and seat the rest on game day. Before providing the decks, the app asks for your favorite team, so I guess that’s why I ended up with Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski of the New England Patriots. The deck I received also featured other great quarterbacks: Aaron Rodgers and Eli Manning.

Topps says there are three main ways to use the app. For real-time fantasy football, as suggested above. Not only can you change players every week, but you can also create new leagues every week with your friends. The app has a world ranking for those who wish to fight for supremacy every week.

Second, a commercial function. You can trade cards just like with real cards.

Third, the social characteristic. Topps said he expects the number of users to increase on match days – Thursday, Sunday and Monday – but on non-match days, users can read player and league news, trade for improve their list and socialize with other users.

Your enjoyment for this app will probably be directly related to your enjoyment for fantasy football. I’m more old school and I like to follow a particular team, so I liked the stats and the distributions offered to the players so that I could evaluate them.

The fantastic setup, especially in real time, is sure to appeal to fantasy football players and it’s an easy way to start if you’ve never tried fantasy football before.

The app is free and, again, it’s for the iPod Touch and iPhone. Nothing available for Android at the moment.



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