“We can benefit the whole football industry”



A spokesperson for the Saudi Public Investment Fund has suggested that their investment in football clubs can be a positive thing for the whole sport, according to a report in US media.

Speaking in a televised interview with CNBC in the United States of America, Saudi Arabia’s finance minister Mohameed Al-Jaadan explained the positive aspects of Saudi investments.

“If people are worried about the competition between clubs, especially now that we have invested in one of them, it is probably a good thing: the arrival of a serious competitor like us can have beneficial effects. across the football industry.

The advantages that Mohameed Al-Jaadan refers to are the fact that PIF has the financial capacity to invest a lot of money in the local area of ​​the club they choose to buy.

This is likely what will happen with Newcastle United in the Premier League now that they have been bought by PIF, and it is possible that the same fund will try to buy Inter in the near future.

Buying Inter would mean the Nerazzurri suddenly have the richest owners in all of Serie A.



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