When is the best time for an Ohio State football game?


The Ohio State football program will always inspire fans to support the team. Whether in the stadium or on TV around the world. The Buckeyes might not have as many fans in the stadium in the future if prices stay the same as they are now, but that’s another matter.

There’s been a lot of talk in recent weeks about Ohio State football kickoff times. We know Notre Dame, Toledo, Arkansas State and Michigan kickoffs. They are all at different times. Some are at noon while others are prime time.

So I ask you; When is the best time for the Buckeyes to play? I’ve heard arguments for all the different time slots. Some people like noon because then you have the game right away and you don’t have to wait all day for the game. This way you have the rest of your day to do things.

Some people prefer primetime kickoffs because the atmosphere is more electric. It gives the students all day to, uh, get more rambunctious, if you understand me. It also allows people to do things during the day and take advantage of the daylight hours before the game.

Still others like a 3:30 or mid-afternoon kick-off time, as this still gives you plenty of time to sleep while not having to stay up late for the end of the game. Ohio State fans have a variety of reasons to love the hour they choose. Personally, I prefer prime time gaming.

What do you think? What time do you prefer for Buckeye games? Let us know on social media!


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