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During the Texans Raiders game last night, I downloaded the WinView Games Ultimate Live Football Predictions app on my android phone. It is a real-time application that allows you to make live predictions during the match. You participate in a competition by choosing a football match in the lobby schedule, then you join a free competition hall (20 people). All you have to do next is predict the field games in real time.

It’s very interactive and the options can be as simple as deciding if the next game will be a run or a pass. Or more involved in trying to predict if the team with the ball will get multiple first tries on that drive. There are even objectives linked to the team in the face-to-face sense; Houston passes for more yards than Oakland is one of the options that have appeared for the 3rd quarter.

The app is free and you can create an account and bet points. They have a leaderboard, but you can also challenge your friends to play. It reminded me a lot of watching Super Bowls with a group of friends. The next game will be a pass, my team will score on this drive. Sitting down watching a game with friends always seems to lead to a lot of prop bets for fun. This WinView app definitely has the same feel, allowing you to enjoy the game while predicting the outcome of the game parts, instead of just picking the winner and loser of the game itself.

You can actually earn money with this app. During the contest, a user checks his ranking on the ranking of the rooms of the application. At the end of each contest, the top 6 out of 20 players receive WinCoins â„¢, an in-app virtual currency, which can be accumulated and redeemed for real cash payouts.

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